With the increasingly complex issues and challenges facing our natural world, Australians are looking to corporates to play a more meaningful role in protecting our environment. With the environment in a state of crisis and our biodiversity at risk, consumers are increasingly looking to brands to improve their sustainability, and demonstrate their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impact.

As our native animals face unprecedented challenges including habitat loss and extreme weather, collaboration between the corporate sector and charities is essential to improve outcomes for future generations of wildlife. Working with WIRES, your company can play a critical role in the urgent rescue, rehabilitation, protection and preservation of native animals.

Working together we can create a better tomorrow for Australian wildlife.

Ways to work with us include:

  1. Become a Corporate Partner
  2. Corporate Workshops
  3. Workplace Giving
  4. Fundraise at Work
  5. Donate to WIRES

Working with WIRES can deliver long-term advantages for your business and for the wildlife we serve. WIRES can provide your organisation with the opportunity to align your sustainability, biodiversity, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) objectives, with our work with wildlife, enabling your organisation to have an enduring positive impact on the lives of Australian animals.

To find out more about working with WIRES and discuss potential opportunities to collaborate, please contact WIRES Corporate Partnerships Team via partnerships@wires.org.au

Engagement Platforms

The platforms below are used by thousands of corporates globally to support their corporate giving, workplace giving, grants, charity partnerships, and volunteer engagement activities.

For corporates using these platforms, WIRES is already registered and can easily be incorporated into your existing programs.

Partner with WIRES!

Partner with WIRES!

Partner with WIRES!

Partner with WIRES!

Partner with WIRES!

Partner with WIRES!


We welcome all enquiries about working with WIRES.

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